el repte
19 - JULY - 2003
Really something that seemed very distant is about to begin.
It is very difficult to be able to imagine what will be the destination of those packets that Esther and Oriol prepared with so much love.
We make bets as to where our beautiful instruments of torture will go. (2 tandems!).Australia is so far from everywhere, and considering the effort that it takes to get there, we don't know what luck can offer some boxes that almost weigh 40 kilos and measure two meters.
20 - JULY - 2003
After 23 hours of airplane, 11 hours of waiting in airports, 3 changes of air company, and an hour and a half passing strict controls of security in the Melbourne airport, we arrive.
With about 3 hours difference from schedule we arrive in Melbourne.
Passing the controls and corresponding checking of the tandems has taken one and a half hours.
Luckily our friends Paul Baxter and Darby O' Toolee are waiting for us, and this makes us enormously happy. With the tow-truck of Darby, we load the enormous boxes and we go to the hotel. (Rydges Riverwalk in Richmond.
P aul, Darby and Esther leave the mounted tandems and work that same morning. I help by inflating one of the wheels...
On Monday 21 of July, and due to the effects ofJet lag, we suffer like hell.